Databases - Chemicals Safety Assessment

 Public database on chemical substances of the European Chemicals Agency, which contain a plethora of information about
 chemicals in Europe.
 eChemPortal provides free public access to information chemicals.
 eChemPortal allows simultaneous searching of reports and datasets by chemical name and number and by chemical property.
 Through the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), WHO works to establish the scientific basis for the sound
 management of chemicals, and to strengthen national capabilities and capacities for chemical safety.
 The Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) - Joint Research Centre hosts a number of databases supporting
 European legislation. Most of these databases can be accessed for free.
 NANOhub (JRC - IHCP) is a database and information platform developed to address and host nano-specific information and

Databases - In Vitro & In Silico Tools

 A comprehensive collection of validated and regulatory-accepted alternative test methods.
 Tracking System forAlternative test methods Review, Validation and Approval in the Context of EU Regulations on Chemicals.
 The database service on Alternative Methods, DB-ALM, which includes a unique collection of data-sets providing factual information
 presented as evaluated (and therefore ready-to-use) data sheets.
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